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We have a long experience studying, surveying, and Mapping the volcanoes and volcanics of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
In a later period, Afaaq started to explore the educational and geotouristic aspects of the Kingdom’s volcanic geoheritage and geosites.
The founder of Afaaq, apart from his academic work, worked for various periods as a part-time consultant in the Saudi Geological Survey and the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (currently the Ministry of Tourism) in projects dealing with geoconservation, volcanic hazards, and geotourism.
At Afaaq, we offer our services and consultations in two main areas: primary studies and research in Volcanology as applied science. The second is in educational geotourism of the volcanoes of the Kingdom through online lectures, workshops, and applied learning-based excursions in volcanic areas.

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Saudi Volcanoes cover large areas of Western Arabia as volcanic lava fields or Volcanic Harrats as they are locally known.

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