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Afaaq Geo

Afaaq Geo refers to the two divisions of Afaaq GeoConsulting, Afaaq Geotourism and Afaaq Geo-Edu, where we provide consulting and services in these areas. 


Geoheritage refers to geological sites or features that possess exceptional scientific, educational, cultural, or aesthetic significance. At Afaaq Geo, we specialize in providing valuable assistance by offering expert advice and conducting thorough investigations to assess the scientific value of these areas. Our dedicated team will meticulously evaluate and analyze the geological aspects, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the scientific importance of these sites.


Afaaq Geo is dedicated to providing consultancy services aimed at establishing future Saudi Geoparks, which will encompass territories of international geoheritage value featuring scientifically unique and rare geosites. Our approach involves developing a comprehensive and sustainable plan that strikes a balance between territorial economic development and the preservation and sustainability of these areas. Through our consultancy services, we aim to promote the responsible and harmonious development of Geoparks, ensuring their long-term viability while safeguarding their geological and environmental significance.

Online Geo - workshops & Short Courses

Afaaq offers a wealth of information on the geology of both ancient and recent volcanoes in Saudi Arabia through online lectures, workshops, and educational field trips. Our lectures cover various levels of expertise, ranging from introductory sessions for school students and non-specialized visitors to advanced presentations tailored for professionals and geologists.

During these educational field trips, participants have the opportunity to learn in a practical and immersive manner. Lectures are conducted at well-equipped camps, providing a conducive learning environment. Following the lectures, guided trips are organized to visit specific areas and geosites of geological significance. This hands-on approach allows participants to witness and experience the geological features firsthand, deepening their understanding of Saudi Arabia's volcanic landscape.

Whether through online sessions or educational field trips, Afaaq ensures a comprehensive and engaging learning experience that caters to diverse levels of knowledge and interests in geology.


Geoconservation refers to the preservation and safeguarding of the geoheritage found in geological sites. At Afaaq, we are committed to providing expert consultation on the principles of geoconservation, particularly for significant geosites that hold the potential for future Geoparks. Our team will offer valuable guidance and expertise to ensure the effective conservation of these important geological sites, promoting their sustainable management and long-term protection.

Geotrails and Geo-Camps

GEO-TRAILS is an immersive geotouristic educational activity designed for individuals interested in learning while exploring the diverse landscapes of Saudi Arabia. At Afaaq, we provide comprehensive support for educational excursions, including informative materials, written guides, and maps. Our aim is to enrich the experience of participants by offering valuable knowledge about the geological features encountered along the trails.

Afaaq Geo-camps offers holistic and nature-based educational programs with a strong focus on geotourism. These programs cater to children, young people, families, and schools, providing them with unique opportunities to engage with the natural world and gain a deeper understanding of geology and its significance. Our geotouristic approach ensures that participants not only learn but also develop a genuine appreciation for the wonders of nature and the importance of sustainable practices.

Geo-guides Training

This hands-on course in geological and geographical field-based skills is ideal for individuals aspiring to become Geo-guides. It covers all the essential practical aspects of nature guiding. The course encompasses activities such as walking or driving along geotrails, allowing participants to explore and understand the geological features of the landscapes.

One key focus of the course is developing proficiency in using GPS devices in the field, enhancing navigation and mapping skills. The course is designed to accommodate participants with varying levels of experience, making it accessible to individuals without prior knowledge in the field.

By participating in this course, aspiring Geo-guides will gain valuable skills and knowledge that are crucial for guiding others in the realm of geology and geography. It provides a comprehensive foundation for individuals looking to embark on a career or engage in activities related to Geo-guiding.

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