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Afaaq specializes in providing comprehensive volcanolgy consulting services that include:

  • Conducting detailed surveys and mapping of geological features related to volcanic activity.

  • Geochemical and Petrological Studies: Analyzing the chemical composition and mineralogical characteristics of volcanic rocks and deposits.

  • Volcanic Hazard Assessments: Evaluating the potential risks and hazards associated with volcanic eruptions, including ashfall, pyroclastic flows, and lava flows.

  • Volcanic Risk Management: Developing strategies and plans to mitigate the impact of volcanic hazards on communities and infrastructure.

  • Volcanic Geoheritage Preservation: Identifying and preserving significant volcanic sites of geological and cultural importance.

  • Geotourism Development: Advising on the creation and promotion of geotourism opportunities related to volcanic landscapes and features.

  • Educational Programs and Training: Offering specialized courses, workshops, and field training for professionals, students, and enthusiasts interested in volcanology.

  • Research and Publication: Conducting scientific research, publishing papers, and contributing to the advancement of volcanology knowledge.

At Afaaq, we are committed to providing expert volcanological consulting services to assist our clients in understanding, managing, and appreciating the unique dynamics of volcanic environments.

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Mapping and surving


Pozzolan Qurrying


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